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About Us
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Technical support platform
Support phone:027-87981030

With a leading technical support service team in the industry, YOEC has established a classified technical support platform in the fields of special optical fibers and cables, special optical devices, new materials, electromechanical equipment and photoelectric systems, with technical experts taking the lead in each field to provide technical support services in this field.


When we receive pre-sales consultation, after-sales technical and maintenance problems and complaints, we will respond within 8 hours and provide preliminary solutions; For difficult problems that can't be solved by telephone, if necessary, we will assign professionals to solve the problems on the spot within 48 hours. We guarantee that our skilled team will provide you with technical support.

Complaints and suggestions
  • Complaints hotline:027-87981895
Whole process follow-up
  • Pre-sale
    Optimize the production process for customers, improve efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, exchange products and technologies for potential customers, and help customers expand markets.
  • In-sale
    Provide customers with a full range of products to meet various needs, and sign long-term strategic cooperation agreements with customers to effectively guarantee supply
  • After-sales
    Help customers reduce the purchase cost of raw materials and provide technical support for customers with a package of after-sales services.
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