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About Us
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Yangtze Optical Electronic Co., Ltd. (stock for short: 长盈通, stock code: 688143) is located in Optics Valley of China, which is near East Lake. It is a high-tech enterprise with optoelectronic technology as its core. It is mainly engaged in products research, development, production and sales in five fields, such as special optical fiber and cable, special optical devices, new materials, high-end equipment and photoelectric systems, and provides customers with measurement calibration and testing services for optoelectronic first-class metering stations.

The company adheres to the industrial strategy of "5+1 focusing on the convergence of interests". The core product is the optic fiber coil for fiber optic gyroscopes, which realizes the complete supporting of micro-industrial chain. It has a number of core technologies and invention patents, and various products are widely used in aerospace, smart grid and marine monitoring industries.

With the mission of "providing the best solution for optical signal transmission and energy transmission", the company is committed to becoming a leader in the optic fiber coil industry, adhering to the core values of "respecting employees to keep their dignity", striving for innovation, pursuing excellence, continuously meeting the needs of the market and customers, and promoting the construction of a harmonious society of "optical technology connecting everything, intelligence leading the future".